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Whoops !

8 Oct

A Good friend got me this antique stand from Japan a month ago, it needed a good tidy up and clean. It started well with allot of gunk coming off, but when I thought a joint was a bit out of line it just seemed to end up in bits.

So out with the glue, and having got the joints cleaned up it was back together again.

Well if it’s strong enough (from my repair) then I hope to use it Sunday at the Capel manor bonsai show. You will have to wait to see the finished result.

Pergola finished.

3 Apr

Finally got the pergola finished and the apex section sorted the maker told me it was 10ft when it was a smidgen over 6ft. I can now turn my attention to the staging. With the foundations for the 3 walls set I had a mock up to see what would work for me. The timber bits are where I want to insert shelves in the back to store unused pots.