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Fence done

28 Oct



Looking up the garden the gate has its posts ready for canopy.



Looking back.



This area is now going to be cleared to put up the pagoda.




This little apple tree was in my old bonsai garden but now in the English side. I will still trim it as I have done the last 12 years. 

Project gateway

16 Oct



This is the sort of gate I have in mind to build.  I want to gather all the materials ready to build in one go. Getting  cedar shingles is not easy, and involves finding time to get to a timber yard in Canterbury.

Fence is underway.

10 Oct

image image

I am starting to get the fence sorted to divide off the garden. It looks a bit ranch style at the moment buy it will come together in a few days. Start of the gate is in with the long uprights to put on canopy.


Where it all starts.

28 Sep

We will start going back a few months to the beginning of the year. This picture was taken from the top of the scaffold during your extension works.

The idea is to take out the hedge across the garden and replacing with a fence a little further up. Mains water has to be taken up, along with a hundred other jobs.Image

So first job is going to be to replace sleepers and relay the patio. Ever feel its one foot forward and one back.

Blue cabin at the end is my office, you can just see a few of my trees sticking up.

thats all for now.