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Gate project update.

21 Nov

This one was started 765 days ago, but I was determined to get it done before Christmas. Biggest problem was how to build it, many sketches drawn and bined but then while wandering the Japanese garden at Capel Manor I found just what I wanted.    

Now all I had to do was convert it to my situation. So on a bright morning I got up the steps to fit the main cross timber only to find out just how much timber can twist in 765 days. Not a good start and rather a big step backwards but I cut the tops and fitted two timbers and with string and pressure twisted them slowly over 6 weeks back to near straight at least enough to get one section right the way through.


Next job was to cut the rectangle holes in the upright, these needed to be tight as they are going to hold a dood deal of the weight.


Being I had to smack them through with a hammer I guess they are tight.


Then I could get the cross timbers on this would help align the uprights and to make sure they don’t shift I notched them so I know they are going to keep it all parallel.


Once fitted they are starting to make it feel more substantial. 


I had to make 3 mitred sections to support the boarding which will have the shingles fixed to it.

 Now I had a frame that I could put the planks on.


Because I had it, I decided to put a section of felt over the ridge, just to aid any water penetration from my bad laying of the ridge as I was still not sure how it would work. 


Home stretch now and first time I had to buy anything as the rest was left over from other projects. So with a pack of ceder shingles and a pack of ridge tiles delivered, I could get going once I had watched a couple of you tube clips on how to lay them.


Two layer put across the bottom then two layers staggered back, but it left me a large length the the ridge so I put another row in.   

 After a few mock ups I was happy with ridge layout.

   Layering up the ends gave me the oriental look I wanted.

I would say end of the day but being it’s taken so long, that would be a bit misleading due to the hours spent on it. At least it’s a step in the right direction. Next project is garden Tokanoma lets see if I can get it done before spring, better not say which spring though.    


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Shohin bonsai from Gordon Deeg

6 Nov

Some good trees and some nice pots.

Heathrow Bonsai show Part 3

3 Nov