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Maple trimming time

29 Apr

This is one of my maple shohin earlier in the year on show.

Now it has leafed out and is far too congested due to ramification.

So having pinched out extension growth as it emerged it’s now time to remove one of every pair to bring in the light and aid further development of inner growth. By removing one of each pair of leaves it will not push out a new set. 

It’s looking a little ruffled due to doing in in the rain but it will sort it’s self out and now some light will get in. If you think you may show during the summer leave it here in 3 weeks the stalks will drop off and it won’t show. 

For me it’s still not open enough so I cut in half some of the bigger leaves especially around apex.


No fertiliser has gone on yet but I will now get some balanced feed on and build some energy through the rest of the season.

The vid

22 Apr

And last but not least the video.

Azalea revisited.

20 Apr

This little azalea some of you will remember if like me in the early days the Book by Colin Lewis was a must. 


The little azalea that featured in the book is owned by a good friend of mine. He purchased it direct from Colin at the wisley hall where we had our show last week. The book first published in 1993 said it was 3 years in training, if it took a year to get to print and it was about a 10 year old then it’s around 35 years old now. Here it is in the book.


Here it is on display at the show, change of front now but still a good nebari.





I wonder where the next 30 years will take this special little tree.

The Sutton bonsai show at Wisley gardens 2015 Part 4

18 Apr

Here are just a few views of the show. 



The Sutton bonsai show at Wisley gardens 2015 Accents

17 Apr

A good colourful display of accents were dotted amongst the exhibits.





The Sutton bonsai show at Wisley gardens 2015 Suiseki

16 Apr

it was decided we would have a small area dedicated to Suiseki I think it went over the publics head but those that understand seem to enjoy it.



The Sutton bonsai show at Wisley gardens 2015 Part 3

15 Apr







The Sutton bonsai show at Wisley gardens 2015 Part 2

14 Apr


The Sutton bonsai show at Wisley gardens 2015 Part 1

13 Apr

This weekend was our clubs 2nd show at the RHS gardens Wisley. The club invited three other clubs Solent, Maidstone and Sussex as well as the splinter group. We also had a couple if individual invites as well.