My Noelanders shohin exhibit 2015

19 Feb

This is my account of displaying shohin at the Noelanders show. It all started at the 2013 exhibition. Having been interested in shohin since a trip to Japan in 2011 which had fired me up to do more shohin, the whole display concept and verity in pots had a challenge that appealed. During the show I decided having seen the superb displays from Mark & Ritta I wanted to enter the next show, which for shohin is every two years. Easier said than done, but I had the trees but not all the stands needed. Thank you to John Brocklehurst bespoke stands for making the jitta for me. Pots posed another problem and having purchased a great Bigei pot for my Sekka only to find it was too small I was back to the beginning again. Eventually I found a pot while in Japan 1st gen Yamaaki. So with two weeks to go it was time to start getting trees into the right pots.




Having robbed half the neighbourhood of its moss it was the final touch to get the trees mossed up.



My receiving tree was giving me problems I had entered two trees to keep my option open, the #1 tree was a bittersweet when I left for Japan it still had its fruits shut. I closed down the poly green houses while I was away and they decided to pop open and with a lack of circulation then got mould on them. Reserve tree then it would have to be.


After a mock up on my new outdoor display stand (more on that later) I was happy with how it was going.


I had seen while in Japan how the nurserys had packaged up the trees to get to and from the shows so I devised my own version with creates which Andrew Barber of the bonsai shed kindly gave me.



Bamboo skewers were then put round them to stop them moving, and another create over the top for protection. Everything ready for the big day, and at 5:30am it was an early start down to Ashford to meet Chrissie and the others I was travelling with. Hop on the ferry and on to the new venue the Limberghal hall. On arriving it was time for a last pot polish and unpack.

Having checked in it was time to get in the line for the photographer. Once our turn came it was time to put it all together under the watchful eye of Willie the most patient man around.











With my bit done it was down to willie and his team to get the picture they were happy with, this took at least 20mins as a shadow kept being cast on the background after much moving of lights and screens he was finally happy with his shot. I must just say this was my shot if you want to see his perfect shot then get the book when it come out.



Seeing them lit like that was very rewarding and if that was it I would have been happy. It was now time to dismantle and get it over to the exhibition area and set it all up again in the vast hall. By this time some were starting to flag which was understandable as it was now around 8:30pm and hungry tummies were rumbling.


At last it was all set up and ready for the morning.

One happy but released bunny.


A closer look at the individual trees.









A huge thank you to Stewart, Carolyn and Chrissie for all the help.

Better start planning for two years time.

4 Responses to “My Noelanders shohin exhibit 2015”

  1. Dave Martin February 20, 2015 at 11:12 am #

    Willi Evanpole is a star, his ability to photograph trees is outstanding. Always ready to explain to anyone interested his process. Like your exhibit wish I had been there this year, hopefully will be there next after all it’s only eleven months to go!

  2. Robert's Shohin February 22, 2015 at 12:40 am #

    Loved your display at the show Andy, your maple is a particularly nice example. Great meeting you too.

  3. stonemonkey1968 February 22, 2015 at 4:47 am #

    Loved your display Andy

  4. Håkan B February 28, 2015 at 9:22 am #

    I really like your maple. Good trunk movement and excellent ramification. The colour of the pot also goes really well with the reddish new twigs. Good job!

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