Capel manor show June 2014

30 Jun

Last Sunday in June has been a regular show date for many years now, but unfortunately the show seems to be getting smaller. Venue the Capel manor gardens has got very broken up and it felt like the show was all over the place. Just 2 clubs on show and one of those is not a club but a small but very talented and dedicated group of individuals. All said good day and a good to catch up with old friends and meet some new collectors.

20140630-051404 pm-62044595.jpg

20140630-051454 pm-62094974.jpg

20140630-051542 pm-62142876.jpg

20140630-051541 pm-62141193.jpg

20140630-051704 pm-62224928.jpg

20140630-051847 pm-62327151.jpg

20140630-051920 pm-62360330.jpg

20140630-051921 pm-62361937.jpg

20140630-052038 pm-62438423.jpg


20140630-052119 pm-62479589.jpg

20140630-052121 pm-62481667.jpg

20140630-052244 pm-62564277.jpg

20140630-052245 pm-62565927.jpg

20140630-052450 pm-62690889.jpg

20140630-052452 pm-62692517.jpg

20140630-052527 pm-62727208.jpg

20140630-052524 pm-62724963.jpg









Same venue in October for Autumn show, stay tuned .

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