Natsume basin feature.

7 Jun

I have had my granite basin for a number of years, and it’s time to incorporate it into the new garden layout. It will be positioned as custom on the right hand side as you enter the garden through the gate. First thing is to mock up and mark out the edging.




Having got the basic layout worked out I rolled the basin out the way and put some hardcore down.

I need to get the basin set first before I can do the edge as I will never lift it over after. I set an irregular section of sandstone on mortar and left it a couple of days to go hard, then with the help of my brave assistant we got it seated on the slab with the aid of some timber to roll and guide it.

Having got this in place I could get on with digging the trench to set the tiles in. The idea is the inset with the basin is slightly raised from the stepping stone path area. Having cut the tiles ready to set in another quick mock up to check I had enough.

So with every thing ready I decided one morning to grab a couple of hours and get them stuck in. That was fatal as it took me almost 5 hours to complete the edge with all the cuts around the pergola footings and having some break as I set them in.




I am happy with it so far the basin is offset to centre and close to the path to use it and the area to the right I want to place a pot with a fern or seasonal interest.

Flooded the area with concrete and tampered washed shingle on top. Had some muck left over so bedded two stepping stones in as well.

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