Zelcova cutting.

4 Jun

This is the second part from the Zelcova chop see https://andysbonsai.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/zelcova-chop/
When I cut the top off I thought that would make a good clump shohin. So with nothing to loose I decided to take it as a huge cutting.


All I needed to do was reduce the stump up to the branches, I then nibbled back exposing the cambium at an angle to maximise surface area to promote roots. Dusted with root hormone and wired it firmly into a pot with shohin grade akadama. Remember this was done in autumn, so it was popped away in my poly greenhouse for winter.



We started to see leaves early spring but it could well be leafing out from stored energy at this point.


Having kept a close eye on it and keeping it sheltered today it has extension growth.


This is where you wish you could see in the pot, but it’s made enough root to stick out a toe from two drainage holes.


So with no weeds in the pot they have to belong to the zelcova, only time will let us see if it we have an even root system or just one point. As it’s all growing then we have a good chance it’s rooted in more than one position. I won’t prune this year just let it grow free, the more top growth will mean stronger roots.

Update 2/3/15

So one year on as a cutting I knocked it out the training pot it had made good root. 

This one is going spend all it’s life in a small pot so excess cut and poped it into a Walsall pot. 

will make a nice clump style in a couple of years. 

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