Today in the garden 20/05/14

20 May

The anticipation on some trees is huge, you nurture all winter waiting for a display, then

Yep it’s in flower, tiny but if the male plant has done its job then we will have the fruit which it’s really grown for. The oriental bittersweet is not seen that much outside Japan but it’s well worth seeking out.
Other trees are very much now.

I love the single flower with the red stripe, I have marked this branch so when after flowering and I am cutting back I don’t prune it out.

This tiny twig of a Hawthorne was not suppose to exist as I did a air layer and the branch was below the layer a clump of moss was on it and it rooted.

Pyracantha not got much this year.
Not a good picture but then it’s only a cutting but it has two super flowers.

It’s not all about flowers with anticipation we always hope out pines grow well and this black pine has huge candles.

To finish a couple of accents.



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